Pokeori Mini Tear | Mini Loom


Mini tear com conjunto de fios cuidadosamente escolhidos para realizar acessórios únicos e decorações para roupa, malas ou sapatos. Muito util também para remendar pequenos furos ou manchas na roupa.

O tear tem 7.5cm por 6.4cm e vem acompanhado de uma agulha e de um pequeno pente. Todos os materiais são ecológicos.

Uma pequena delicia.

The name Pokeori comes from the Japanese words 'poke' (something small and compact) and 'ori' (weave), so miniature weaving! With the mini loom and the carefully put together yarn kits you can make the most unique accessories and decorations for clothing and bags, for example. In addition, you can use a beautiful self-woven piece of fabric to repair holes or worn spots in your clothing – a craft idea also called visible mending. The many applications and different types of yarns you can use will spark your creativity. Thanks to their small size, Pokeori products are also perfect to take with you on the go or on holiday.

This weaving kit consists of a loom, comb, needle and yarn. The Pokeori loom and comb consist of 51% crushed shells and the needle is made of sturdy paper. The loom is 7.5cm long and 6.4cm wide. The Pokeori Asobi yarn in various shades has many different thicknesses and structures, which results in a playful effect when you weave with it. It holds 1 metre of yarn and is neatly packaged on a thread winder.