Merchant & Mills

Tecido de Linho lavado Merchant & Mills.

Composição: 100% linho

Largura: 145 cm

Peso: 200g/m2

Lavar a 30° e secar ao ar, sem luz direta.

Repetição do padrão: 5,3cm

Cada unidade corresponde a 50 cm de tecido.

European laundered linen tumbled at the mill for softness. Sherbet is a joyful mix of bright pink, pale pink, orange, and black stripes.

This linen is produced in small batches in Eastern Europe where there is a strong heritage of spinning and weaving linen fabric.

1 unit stands for 50cm.

  • 145cm wide.
  • 200gsm or 5.9oz
  • Bright pink, orange, pale pink, and black stripes.
  • 100% linen.
  • The stripes run across the width of the fabric, from selvedge to selvedge, not parallel to.
  • Bright pink and orange stripe widths: 1cm, pale pink and black stripe section width: 2cm.
  • Pattern repeat: 5.3cm
  • Wash at 30 degrees with a non bio detergent. Do not tumble. Shake out and dry flat. Linen will always seize up after washing but as soon as you start to use/wear it the fibres relax again.
  • If you are using this linen for curtains we recommend using a lining to prevent fading.
  • Never dry linen in direct sunlight as the colour can bleach and fade.

More about linen:

Linen is naturally stain resistant, does not pile, and is moth repellent. It is easy to wash as it can sustain high temperatures, is has very little if no shrinkage and is very strong.

It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypo allergenic and thermoregulating, it will also absorb up 20% moisture before feeling damp.

As the linen fibres have low elasticity (which causes it to crease) it will wear in any areas that are repeatedly folded in the same place for a long time, however, it does have much better abrasion resistance than say cotton.

Linen is almost naturally organic. It is completely biodegradable, recyclable and due to its natural absorbency, it requires less dye than cotton. Linen therefore scores high on the ecological chart.