Isager Highland


Um fio 100% lã, originário e fiado no Perú. As cores têm suaves nuances próprias dos tons de origem desta lã. É um fio suave, que pode substituir o fio Tvinni ou Alpaca 2. Indicado pra modelo com textura quando trabalhado junto com outros fios ou individualmente.

Composição: 100% lã do Perú

Apresentação: Novelo de 275 m/ 50g | Fio light fingering

Agulhas: 2.5 - 3.5 mm

Trabalhado com Alpaca 2: 4 - 5.5 mm

Trabalhado com Silk Mohair: 4 - 7 mm

100 % wool from Peru
Yarn meterage: 275 m in 50 g

ISAGER HIGHLAND is spun from Peruvian sheep wool. The yarn is characterised by its lovely colours which are a mixture of different shades dyed into the wool before it is spun. The Highland yarn is not spun as tightly as Tvinni and therefore it is a softer yarn, which can still replace Tvinni and Alpaca 2. In softness and durability this yarn lies between these two yarns. The yarn it well suited for structured patterns together with other yarns and it does not twist when worked in the round. Highland works really well on its own, but cab also be knitted together with our other yarns:

Highland used individually is knitted on 2.5 – 3.5 mm needles
Highland and Alpaca 2 held together are knitted on 4 – 5.5 mm needles
Highland and Silk Mohair held together are knitted on 4 – 7 mm needles