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Isager Silk Mohair


Silk mohair

25% seda, 75% mohair

25g = 212m

É um fio muito belo, macio e brilhante. Muito leve e fôfo. É usado principalmente em conjunto com outros fios mas pode ser usado individualmente.

Usado com o fio Spinni, agulhas 4 - 6 mm

Usado com o fio Tvinni ou Highland, agulhas 4 - 6 mm

Pode ser usado com agulhas muito largas para xailes ou outros trabalhos em pontos abertos

* na imagem a camisola Cumulus de PetiteKnit, trabalhada com dois fios de Silk Mohair, na cor 47.

ISAGER SILK MOHAIR is with its blend of 25% silk and 75% kid mohair a beautiful, soft and shiny yarn with a light and fluffy structure. We use it primarily together with other yarns, but it is also beautiful used individually perhaps especially in a simple design. A structured pattern will not show in this yarn, unless the Silk Mohair is knitted together with another smoother yarn.

25g = 212m

Silk Mohair is used primarily together with other of our yarns. Here are some suggestions:
Silk Mohair and Spinni held together are knitted on 4 – 6 mm needles
Silk Mohair and Highland or Tvinni held together are knitted on 4 – 7 mm needles
The yarn can be knitted on much larger needles for shawls, scarves and other light and open garments.

* In the photo is the Cumulus sweater by PetiteKnit, worked with two strands of Silk Mohair, coloue 47.