Westknits Bestknits 3 - Shawl Evolution

West Knits

Mais um livro fabuloso de Stephen West. Este livro inclui 7 modelos de xailes previamente publicados e 6 novos designs ricos em cor e textura.

O livro inclui um código para fazer o download da versão digital.

196 páginas, em inglês.

Westknits Bestknits 3 Shawl Evolution contains thirteen shawl patterns that represent the colorful and evolving Westknits style. Seven previously published shawls are accompanied by six new designs ranging from crisp, clean, and geometric lines evolving into more splashy displays of color and fluffy textures. The six new designs elaborate on techniques like slipped stitches, short row wedges, large yarn over holes, & brioche stitch. Color tricks like marling and fading add a playful layer to the more recent shawl shapes. 196 pages.

E-book download code included with each copy.