The Wild Craft

Penguin Books

The Wild Craft delights in nature's abundance and shows you how to create 28 inspirational, comforting and joyful items for yourself, your home and garden.

Journey through the seasonal chapters and learn how to create the myriad projects in each subsection: kitchen, making and gardening. 

You could rustle up a delicious winter greens quiche, or decorate cookies with edible flowers in the cookery section. 

Or perhaps you want to mend some beloved knitwear or scent your wardrobe with lavender wands? In the garden you could encourage greater biodiversity with a mini pond or bird feeder

Every chapter begins by identifying key plants to keep an eye out for when foraging, allowing you to make the most of what crafting

opportunities nature has to offer that season.

With her mindful and sustainable approach, Catarina Seixas shares the countless

benefits of reconnecting with, and supporting,the natural world through creativity, and shows you the joy of bringing the spirit of nature into your own home.