Friends in Food by Pia Alapeteri


Apesar de fugir ao nosso tema, não quisemos deixar de apoiar esta nova publicação da equipa por trás da revista Laine, sabendo que não somos os únicos a apreciar livros de receitas.

Este pequeno livro de 13 receitas islandesas, oferece-nos ainda várias histórias à volta da mesa e um divertido questionário a ser preenchido por 21 amigos com costumamos reunir-nos à volta de boa comida. Editado numa época em que estão suspensas as reuniões com amigos, é um livro que se torna ainda mais especial.

Friends in Food by Pia Alapeteri is a fillable book for everyone who sometimes eats together with family and friends. Gradually, a lovely database for dinners, birthday parties, cottage weekends and everyday meals grows in between the covers, listing friends’ diets and allergies, favourite foods and ingredients they cannot stand. No more guessing how many guests drink tea, who loves coriander, which plant milk anyone’s coffee needs, or who loves gin & tonic – all of this with a twinkle in the eye.

The book also consists of short and encouraging true stories of eating together, simple recipes, and tips that make it easier to gather around a common table.

Pia Alapeteri is a food influencer, storyteller and an entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland. She writes medium dry stories about food, wine and a little bit about love, too. Family and friends, food, a sustainable lifestyle and the unique Finnish nature are at the top of her priority list. In her blog, Pia shares memorable food experiences, the results of her experimentative cooking, heartfelt encounters, cottage journal entries and tales from her trips in Finland. //

  • 160 pages
  • Woven cover
  • Beautifully photographed and illustrated
  • Fillable pages for 21 friends
  • Stories about eating in company
  • 13 delicious recipes to share with loved ones
  • Tips for hosting guests
  • Print only.

Printed in Latvia.