Suzuran field Dijon(ディジョン)

Naomi Ito

Tecido japonês, double gauze, com design de Naomi Ito.

Largura: 110 cm

Composição: 100% algodão

1 unidade corresponde a 50 cm, 2 unidades a 1 metro e assim sucessivamente.

"During the month of May in France, they give suzuran, lily of the valley, 
to their mother or others dear to them.
We draw the happy air of a town on this textile, 
where we feel as if we're taking a walk in a suzerain field"

Japanese double gauze 100% cotton, by Naomi Ito.

Width: 110 cm

1 unit stands for 50 cm, 2 units for 1 m and so on.