Saison _ 厚手リネン C

Naomi Ito

Tecido de linho fino para confecção de vestuário, motivo da designer japonesa Naomi Ito.

Largura: 110 cm

100% Linho

1 unidade corresponde a 50 cm, 2 unidades a 1 m, e assim sucessivamente.

"Traces of the watercolors’ deliberately dramatic bleeding, strokes and brush marks
Make a print, and piece together as a part of a collage
I finished this piece based on the long and widely held conception that art on textile is print work
The four seasons have become four types of weather, four feelings and four flows of time, which express different color schemes"

Naomi Itos design on lovely linen fabric.

110 cm wide

100% linen

1 unit stands for 50 cm, 2 units for 1 m and so on.