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Mini Knitted Cosmos

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Um livro maravilhoso com 40 modelos de animais astronautas, naves e satélites.

More than 40 fantastic, quick and easy cosmic knitting projects to make.

Bestselling author Sachiyo Ishii gives us mini knitted astronauts, planets, satellites, moon buggies, aliens and a whole host of astro-animals such as dogs, bunnies, elephants and giraffes. Knit your own fabulous cosmos with this delightful book! All the projects are quick and relatively simple to make, with very easy techniques to follow. There is a step-by-step section on how to sew the figures and animals together and the patterns are all suitable for competent beginners.

Including full-size templates and more than 40 simple knitting patterns, this is all you need to make your very own knitted cosmos.

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