Folkwear Rosie the Riveter 240


Folkwear é uma marca de moldes de costura que nasceu na California, no inicio da década de 70. Os seus modelos destacam-se por serem a recuperação fiel de antigos modelos e trajes tradicionais de diversos países e culturas do mundo.

Este modelo inclui os moldes para as tradicionais "jardineiras" de trabalho usadas por mulheres durante a segunda guerra mundial, assim como o da camisa, da versão de calças largas e ainda as instruções para tricotar uma camisola e para fazer uma rede de cabelo em crochet.

Started in California in the 1970s, Folkwear provides sewing patterns that are based on authentic vintage and folk garments from around the world.  Our patterns are flexible enough to be used for costuming as well as for making unique every-day-wear. 

Misses XS-2XL

The heroic working women of World War II inspired this factory wardrobe of camp shirt, pleated slacks, and overalls with sweetheart bib.

The shirt is styled from men's sport shirts and is know today as a "camp" shirt.  It is timeless is a crisp white cotton and lots of fun made extra-large in bright tropical prints.  The pleated slacks have side pockets and a back zipper.  Straight legs fall smoothly from the hips for a clean look.  Add the sweetheart-shaped bodice for Overalls with straps that cross in the back.

The pattern includes historical information and instructions for a knitted sweater and a crocheted snood to keep hair in place.

Suggested fabrics: For Shirt, choose medium-weight cotton, rayon, silk, or blends. For Slacks and Overalls, choose medium to heavyweight cotton, wool, blends, corduroy, denim, velvet, or velveteen.

This pattern has lots of ease, which was useful to working women who needed to do lots of moving around.  Just keep that in mind when determining your size (a muslin may be helpful too).