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Embroidered Life, by Sara Barnes

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Um livro que surpreende logo por ter um bordado na capa. A autora, uma blogger famosa, guia-nos pelo trabalho artístico de Sarah K. Benning.

This is not your grandma's embroidery book. Featuring a die-cut case with actual stitching on the front cover, Embroidered Life shows that illustrations created with needle and thread can be strikingly contemporary. From beautiful botanicals to bold affirmations, the work of self-taught fibre artist Sarah K. Benning gives any embroidery enthusiast, art lover, or plant fanatic a new appreciation for the craft of needlework. In this eye-catching art book, popular blogger Sara Barnes guides readers through Benning's innovative embroidery process and successful business model, offering behind-the-scenes insights to inspire makers and creative entrepreneurs.

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