Mind the Maker Nisa Softened Linen Old Rose

Mind the Maker

Tecido de linho puro, produzido na União Europeia com certificação European Flax® standard.

Composição: 100% linho

Largura: 140 cm

Peso: 180 g/m2

Uma unidade corresponde a 50cm, duas unidades a um metro e assim sucessivamente.

100% Linen

180 g/m2 - 140 cm wide

Care: Wash at 30 dg, dry flat

Shrinkage: 3-5% lenght and 2-3% width

This linen is mechanical softened, which means that it has been softened without any use of emzymes, chemicals or (waste) water.

The fibers in our Nisa Softened Linen is certified according to European Flax® standard.

Certified European Flax® fibre is produced exclusively in France, Belgium, or the Netherlands.

The EUROPEAN FLAX® Charter, signed by all the Flax producers, guarantees local farming that respects the environment and commits to zero irrigation, zero GMO, and zero waste. Fibre extraction (scutching) is 100% mechanical meaning zero chemicals are used in the process.

The fabric is furthermore certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

1 unit stands for 50cm, 2 units for 1 m and so on.

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