Making Stories Issue 6

Making Stories

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In Issue 6, we’re taking a look upward and beyond as a gentle reminder to not forget to look skyward, to see the beauty above, to take a breath of fresh air.

The 12 knitting patterns we’re so excited to share with you are inspired by everything we see when we take our eyes off the ground – the sky, the clouds, the buildings, the trees, the texture, the light. They’re complemented by the works of our artists and writers who remind us to stay present and connected, no matter where we are and what we see.

And also these essays and illustrations:

  • Susan Chin shows us what we can see if we look up in her stunning illustration “Skyward”
  • Deborah Stack shares why knitting is not the new yoga and three fantastic tips on connecting with your knitting in her essay “Mindfulness and Knititng”
  • Luuanne Chau explores identity and name in her beautiful personal essay “Another Name”

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